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Express Positioning System

Express Positioning System



The Twin Disc Express Joystick System (EJS®) absolutely revolutionizes docking and slow speed

manoeuvring of diesel powered, conventional driveline boats. With easy fingertip movements you control direction and speed — instantaneously.

No lagging. No lugging. No lurching.

No clunking. All thanks to proven QuickShift®

transmission and EC300 control technology.

An option available with EJS is the

Express Positioning System (EPS) EPS enables Captains to hold their vessels in a desired position and heading at the press of a button. EPS then automatically controls the propellers and proportional thrusters to maintain this location in a broad range of conditions.

It means that coming in and out of the dock, picking up a mooring buoy, maintaining position over a fishing hot spot, holding station to position fenders before docking and boating in bad weather, are all now a breeze thanks the Express Positioning System.



 Seamless and continuous station hold capability achieved with fully proportional conventional propellers

and powerful hydraulic thruster speeds to enable station hold in a broad range of conditions

 GPS Compass with dual antennas, integrated gyro and tilt sensors delivering fast start up times

 10hz Update rate

 Colour display (11cm) to monitor vessel position and heading

 Simple push button operation to select and hold station

 Continuos monitoring of propeller speeds and thruster power levels during EPS mode

 Instant override of EPS mode with EJS joystick

 Monitoring of hydraulic thruster system oil temperature

 Diagnostic display function

 Night vision capable display




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