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Tech Tip: Maintaining Your Rockford and Twin Disc Power Takeoff Clutch

Tech Tip: Maintaining Your Rockford and Twin Disc Power Takeoff Clutch

Keeping your Rockford or Twin Disc® over center clutch in good operating condition is easy if you know these guidelines. Our Tech Tip will show you how to check your clutch for adjustment, how to adjust it, and how to keep it lubricated.


When to Adjust Your Twin Disc or Rockford PTO

The key to maintaining your clutch is to know when to adjust it. Monitor the force necessary to engage your clutch. If the pressure required to engage it drops 10-15%, your clutch facings are wearing and your TwinDisc/Rockford PTO needs adjustment.

How to Monitor Engagement Force

Recently, an easy method to measure engagement force was developed. You weld a socket on to one end of the cross shaft and use a torque wrench. This technique is so simple that it can be done as part of your daily maintenance. The chart below tells you when it is time to adjust your Twin Disc or Rockford PTO.

Clutch Size

Engagement Force

Must adjust At:


65-72 ft. Lbs

55 ft. Lbs


101-108 ft Lbs

85 ft. Lbs

11 ½”

108-115 ft. Lbs

91 ft. Lbs


How to Adjust Your Clutch

 Here are the steps to take: Disengage the clutch, remove the inspection plate and rotate the clutch to gain access to the adjusting ring lock. Then remove the lock bolt and adjustment lock. Rotate the adjusting ring counter clockwise to lighten the clutch. Then adjust to obtain the proper handle engagement force. When done, reposition the locking finger in a slot and tighten the adjustment lock bolt.

Lubricating Your Clutch

 Use lithium base #2 grease prior to installation of your PTO. Grease the release bearings (if not sealed), the main bearings (rotate shaft by hand until the grease comes out), and the cross shaft. Once a PTO is installed, follow this schedule below.


Lubrication Schedule

Bronze Release Bearings


Main Bearings

Every 100 hours

PTO Cross Shaft

Every 500 hours

Linkage and Levers

Use SAE 30 synthetic every 500 hours


Finally, don't over grease.  In our experience over greasing Twin Disc/Rockford PTO is the leading cause of failure.


Please call us with any questions about your over center or spring loaded PTO. If in doubt about your Twin Disc / Rockford PTO, call us. We can overhaul or adjustment.  We take tech support seriously and want to advance the knowledge base in the power transmission field.




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