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Electronic Controller For MCD Adds Versatility

Electronic Controller For MCD Adds Versatility

Marine Control Drives (MCD) from Twin disc, global leader in marine propulsion, split power from the main engine to another on-board system.

The company's next-generation EC085 electronic controller adds even more versatility and precision handling to workboats using its robust MCDs.

Leveraging advancements in both clutch and electronic control technology, the EC085 effortlessly harnesses a vessel's full torque capacity. It provides smooth and very precise control of the clutch engagement at low engine speeds, as well as throughout the entire engine speed range. Light duty MCDs are designed to improve vessel maneuverability, especially in dynamic positioning applications. Heavy-duty MCDs are designed to allow sharing of the main engine power between the propeller and a major auxiliary device, such as a fire-fighting pump or generator.

The EC085 is ideal for any boat that requires a variable power divide with gradual, controlled propeller speed change and instant response, such as tugs, OSVs, icebreakers, dredgers and fire-fighting vessels. It's perfect for use with dynamic positioning and fixed pitch azimuth thrusters, providing many configurable settings for seamless integration to shipboard control and monitoring systems.

With hundreds of Twin Disc MCSs in operation worldwide, the EC085 was developed to function with older control drives. When overhauling, the new controller is incorporated and the MCD goes back into service with a on-year warranty. Twin Disc is a global manufacturer of engineered commercial and recreational marine propulsion equipment. for nearly 100 years the company's innovative products have served on countless vessels worldwide. 




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