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Thordon Marine Bearings

Thordon Bearings, a pioneer in the development of pollution free bearing designs, offers bearings that use water to lubricate the bearings in marine applications, where many other bearings still use oil and grease to lubricate the bearings, including rudder bearings, deck machinery bearings, and propeller shaft bearings for all water conditions. Thordon bearings reduce the environmental impact for users, allowing them to eliminate any risk of criminal, civil and administrative penalties and other adverse reactions such as bad public relations that may occur from oil or grease leaking into rivers, lakes or seas.

Clean Water Propeller Shaft

Dirty Water Propeller Shaft

Rudder Bearings

Oil to Water Conversion

Above Deck Machinery

Small Ship Bearings

Thordon Shaft Seals

86mm (3.375”) to 305mm (12”)

300 mm (11.8”) to 650mm (25.6”)