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Vulkan Drive Tech Industrial

VULKAN Drive Tech is a division of the internationally operating VULKAN Group and world-wide leading manufacturer of couplings, mounts and high-power brakes.

VULKAN Drive Tech is a specialist for demanding industrial drives and offers a broad-based product portfolio for high-performance applications with the requirement of outstanding reliability under the most difficult conditions of deployment.

The head office of the division is located in Herne, Germany. Operating with five international production locations, with 14 subsidiary companies and over 30 agencies worldwide, VULKAN Drive Tech ensure that expertise is available on-site throughout the world.

Many million tons of material is need to be moved to recover raw materials. As far as the machinery deployed for this purpose is concerned, which often consists of gigantic tunnel digging and cleaning machines, conveyor systems, bucket-wheel excavators, stackers and reclaimers, agitators and separators, sorting systems and mills, this means 24 hours of continuous operation, 365 days a year. And this occurs under extreme temperature and weathering conditions, with the possibility of severe contamination and high levels of vibration in conjunction with severe shocks. VULKAN Drive Tech meets the requirements of the machine builders and system manufacturers with couplings and brake systems that provide a high level of performance and reliability.

The particular demand that this industrial application places on drive systems consists in that undesirable vibrations can occur owing to the milling process and the stochastic excitation of the drive train. As well as stresses due to vibrations, the drive train is subject to pulse-like stresses caused by the different grain sizes of the material to be milled when it is fed into the mill. These two undesirable effects are compensated extremely well by the EZR coupling.

The highly torsional flexible EZR coupling is a fabric reinforced rubber coupling with multi-directional flexibility. The use of synthetic fibers guarantees high strength, while allowing high misalignment capacity in all directions. EZR can be employed in all those applications where two approximately co-axially rotating machines have to be flexibly connected. Due to the possibility to select from various torsional stiffness and damping characteristics, satisfactory torsional vibration conditions will be achieved in almost any case. The essential part of the EZR coupling is formed by the highly flexible elements. The flexible elements are connected to the metal parts by means of bolts at their inner and outer circumferences. The design of the metal parts depends upon the type of connection required by the rotating machines, resulting in various configurations or series.